What is Full Form of OJT | What Does OJT Stands For

On the Job Training is the Full form of OJT

On-the-Job-Training is a kind of training which is given to the newly joined employees at the workplace. A senior manager or some experts are explaining the way of doing different tasks in the workplace. If OJT goes for the employees, they will understand all the procedures followed by the senior manager. Say for example: How to run software, machines & tools, etc. Not only taking instructions from the superior and observing the way of doing work by the existing employees is also a part of OJT.

The main goal of OJT is to prepare a person to successfully face the tasks in his job. Those who are done with Ojt can do their tasks in his job without the help of their supervisor.

In the form of an internship students also take OJT. Many colleges or universities are encouraging these kinds of activities. Due to this students not only get hands-on experience but also know how to be professional and maintain healthy relationships at the workspace.

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