What is Full Form of Computer

The meaning or Full form of COMPUTER is Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research

Most people think this is an abbreviation, but it is an electronic device name.

A computer is a kind of machine that we can use to do a wide range of logical and mathematical tasks, and as per our instructions, it executes our work so effectively.

If you want to know that easily and understandably, For doing our work easily helps a lot. All these tasks and functions that are programmed will be accomplished so quickly and correctly.

Another main important point is it is not an Indian term. After reading this you are going to know the full form of a computer. As explained above it is called an operating machine purposely for technical and educational research.

Charles Babbage is called as “Father of Computers”. The computer that you called today comes from the concept of the analytical engine which is invented in 1830.

What is a Computer?

It is an electronic system that performs our vital activities following specified instructions.

The computer can store data, modify it as needed, and re-delivering data on demand.

Today, computers help us with many of our daily tasks, such as writing a document, playing online games, emailing, web browsing, and so on.

You’ll be shocked if you find that our mobile phone has also evolved into a mini-computer, which is why we can now do multiple tasks at a time.

In our lives, computers are used everywhere, when doing work in an office, space centers, automobile industries, that is the main reason of smart automobiles like Tesla &, etc.

CSC, BSC, IT &, etc are some courses related to computer and the demand for these courses are high.

When you are going to know about computers. Definitely, you got the information about the computer parts.

Hardware Parts

Mother Board:

It is one of the most important computer parts, and the computer’s CPU is connected to the motherboard itself.

For connecting input and output devices, the motherboard has a connected device.


The CPU, or central processing unit, is the processor or brain of a computer; you will get the required results after the CPU analyzes your inputs.

Today, Intel CPUs is the one that computers and laptops across the world are using in their computer. i9 is Intel’s most sophisticated processor.


RAM is also known as random access memory; whatever we do on the computer is recorded on RAM at the moment, and the information is wiped when the machine is shut down.

Hard drive

A hard drive is an essential component that allows us to store the data permanently.

Software Parts

Here are you are going to know the software components of a computer, which executes the necessary tasks with the help of various types of hardware. It is nothing but an operating system. Aside from that, there are some software’s like MS Office, Photoshop, etc can install as per your needs.

Microsoft’s Windows is a well-known operating system, Majority of the people that means 83% use this software in computers across the world. After this, Apple’s Mac OS is the second most well-known operating system.

Computer Evolution

When computers were first invented, they could only perform one task at a time; however, as technology has advanced, computers can now perform several tasks at once, and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent.

From 1940 to till date, we can see there is lot of evolution in computers. All these are categorized into five generations.

  1. The period that first generation computers Vacuum tube-based computers were used in between 1940-1956.
  2. Transistors based computers of the second generation were used in between 1956-1963.
  3. Integrated Circuits base computers are third-generation computers(1964-1971).
  4. Micro Processors Based Computers are the fourth generation computers (1971- Present).
  5. Fifth-generation computers are used in present and future which are based on artificial intelligence.

In the year 1950,computers manufacturing started, it is huge when comes to the size, the first vacuum-based computer was the size of a room and able to do only single task.

Now a days, the majority of people use two types of computers: desktop computers or laptops.

Because carrying laptops anywhere is so convenient, many individuals now accomplish their vital work on laptops. At the same time, the computer is still widely employed in the workplace.

Top Computer Brands are Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Macbook by Apple, etc.

Computer Advantages

Because of the computer, our method of working has entirely altered nowadays. The following are some of the benefits of computer-aided design.

  • Multitasking: Performing multiple task at a time the most significant advantage of a computer. Now a days it executes thousands of commands every second.
  • Accuracy: Any computer does any task without error as per the provided instructions and pre-determined regulations.
  • Speed: A modern computer is capable of doing complex tasks in a few seconds.

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