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What is SSC Full Form

Staff selection commission is the full form of SSC, an Indian government organization that helps recruit people for different departments. A chairman is a top person who leads the commission; two members and a Secretary-cum-Controller of Examinations will assist the chairman. The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi, India.

In addition, the SSC has a regional structure to ensure that exams go correctly. Allahabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, and Bangalore are the locations where the staff selection commission has offices. Raipur and Chandigarh have sub-regional offices.

The Staff Selection Commission organizes competitive tests to fill a variety of positions and services. Around 20 different job kinds range from group B to group C. Those applying for an SSC examination must have graduated from a recognized board or university with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Physical fitness and measurement are essential for specific roles, such as Sub-Inspector and Narcotics Department.

SSC’s Major Functions Include:

  • To conduct recruitment for the positions in different departments of the Indian government that come under group B and C categories.
  • Exams and interviews for the positions that fall under its purview
  • To conduct departmental tests for advancement from a lower to a higher division.
  •  Conduct Periodic typewriting examinations in Hindi and English for different positions.
  • Need to do duties given by the central government on a time basis.

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