OP Full Form | Name and Meaning

The full form of the OP is not limited to just one. They vary depending on the category. You will now know the various full forms of the OP in different categories.

OP full forms related to Internet Category

Outpost – OP
Operator – OP
Overpowered – OP

OP Full forms related to Messaging Category

Octo Pest – OP
Other People’s – OP
Original Poster – OP

OP Full form related to Military and Defense Category

Operating Plan – OP
Off-base Privileges – OP
Operational Publication – OP
Ordnance Publication – OP
Observation Post – OP
Operations – OP
Office of Protector – OP
Overall Position – OP
Opportunity Profile – OP

OP Full forms related to Chemistry Category

Osmotic Pressure – OP
Organo-phosphate – OP
Oxidative Phosphorylation – OP

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